Interesting links about nature and vegetation 

Below are some of my links to interesting sites covering vegetation ecology and related topics.
Most are in English language and a few in other languages but with photos and Latin plant names.

General biology:

Searchable database of all species in Denmark : Arter beta


Beautiful site with the danish orchids : Danish orchids

My own homepage: Bent Vestergaard Petersens Homepage

A virtual flora from Sweden with photos and distribution maps : Virtual flora

A virtual flora from Germany with photos and distribution maps. : Flora-web


List of reptile databases : Reptile databases

Birds and Ornithology: Birds

Ecology :

The Worlds Terrestrial Biozones: Terrestial biozones

The worlds ecoregions : WWF Wildworld

The Danish Red List of threatened species: Den danske rødliste 2019

Red List of threatened species of the world : Threathened Species

Under constant edition and updating. Last updated 9 March 2021.

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