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You can click and read some of my articles, but they are all in danish language. In the list below I have translated the title or made a short abstract in english.

"Vegetation and Nature Restoration in the river valley of Hansted". Report for the County of Vejle, 1999.
"Monitoring of the Vegetation of wet meadows in the river valley of Halkær". Report for the County of Northern Jutland, 1998.
"The Flora and Vegetation of Poland". Article for the Society of Natural History in Horsens 1997.
"When have you found all species of plants in a locality ?". Article in GEJRFUGLEN 1996-1 s. 20-25.
"Nature quality in the river valley of Østerå". Report for the County of Northern Jutland. 1996.
"Heaths and Grassland in Denmark". Report for the Danish Botanical Society. 1996.
"The flora around Horsens in the past and now". Article for the Society of Natural History in Horsens 1996.
"Consequences for the flora and fauna along a new track at the Frederikssund railway". Report for the Danish Railways (DSB). 1995.
"The flora around lake Nørrestrand". Article in URT 1995-2, p.48-49.
"The Flora and Vegetation of Nørrestrand". Report for the County of Vejle. 1994.
"Heaths and Grassland in Denmark". Article in URT 1994-4, p.105-113.
"Orchids around Horsens". Article in GEJRFUGLEN 1994-4, p. 121-174.
"Germination of plants in a disturbed lawn". GEJRFUGLEN 1994-1 p. 21-23.
"Nature Restoration at Sondrup-Uldrup". Report for the County of Aarhus 1993.
"The diferences between Utricularia vulgaris and U. australis". Article in GEJRFUGLEN 1992-1 p. 18-19.
"Atlas Flora Danica". Article in GEJRFUGLEN 1991-3 p. 92-96.
"Northern Marsh-orchid (Dactylorhiza purpurella ssp. purpurella) as new near Horsens". Article in GEJRFUGLEN 1990-4, p.136-140.
"The nature and birdlife of Israel". Article in GEJRFUGLEN 1988-3, p. 84-88.
"Registration of the flora around Horsens". Article in GEJRFUGLEN 1988-4, p.124-127.
"Long-time observation of a population of Early-purple Orchid (Orchis mascula) in a permanent test-field." Article in GEJRFUGLEN 1988-1, p.4-17.
"The flora around Horsens before and now". Article in GEJRFUGLEN 1987-4 p. 127-131.
"A Botanical tour in the valley of Hjerrisdal". Article in GEJRFUGLEN 1986-1 p. 22-25
"Ponds and Lakes around Hammel". Report for the Society of Nature Conservation in Denmark. 1985.
"Dragonflies Part 2". Article in GEJRFUGLEN 1984-1 p. 2-16.
"Dragonflies Part 1". Article in GEJRFUGLEN 1983-3 p. 82-87.
"The Flora and Vegetation around Lake Nørrestrand". Article in GEJRFUGLEN 1983-2 p. 53.
"The ecology of Cardamine amara". Article in GEJRFUGLEN 1983-1 p. 18-21.
"Population Biology of Caltha palustris, Cardamine amara and Lotus uliginosus in a Helo-rheokrene Spring-area". Thesis, Botanical Institute, University of Aarhus. 1982.
"The Vegetation around Lake Bygholm". Article in GEJRFUGLEN 1982-1 p. 26-28..
"The Flora and Vegetation of the raised bog Lille Vildmose". Article in GEJRFUGLEN 1981-1 p. 2-8.
"The Vegetation of Sicily". Article in GEJRFUGLEN 1980-1 p. 26-29
"The Flora and Vegetation of Hansted Forest". Article in GEJRFUGLEN 1979-1 p. 16-19.

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