The flora in the Mid-Jutland forests 
Polygonatum verticillatum
Several species of plants with an atlantic distribution are growing in the "mountain-forests" in Mid-Jutland. It is species that demands high precipitation throughout the year and prefer not too cold a winter. One of these is Luzula silvatica in the picture below. It is frequent in woods in the Mid-Jutland highland and can totally dominate the forest floor. It is very rare on the danish isles.
Other atlantic forest plants which are frequent in the humid areas in Jutland are Ilex aquifolium, Chrysoplenium oppositifolium, Veronica montana, Cardamine flexuosa and Phyteuma spicatum.

A number of rare plants are special for the Mid-Jutland forests. Polygonatum verticillatum in the right picture is growing occasionally in Mid- and Eastern Jutland and is rare elsewhere.

Luzula silvatica

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