Cliffs in the northern parts of Bornholm 
The Hammer
The Hammer ("Hammeren") as seen from Hammershus
In the northern parts of the island Bornholm, the bed rock lies just below the soil surface and is exposed along the coast.

The bed rock is particularly visible in the area around Hammershus.

The ruins of the old castle Hammershus is one of the largest castle ruins in Northern Europe and is now one of the World Heritage together with the famous Kronborg north of Copenhagen. Around the ruins and further north on The Hammer ("Hammeren") is the bed rock only covered with a thin layer of soil and the rock can be seen in several places.

On the rocks grows a special flora which is not seen other places in Denmark.

The Ruins of Hammershus
The great ruins of Hammershus

Heath on The Hammer
Heath on rocky terrain on The Hammer

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