The coasts of the Isefjord 
The climate in the eastern parts of Denmark is more continental than in Jutland. Several species of plants and animals prefer this climate and can only be found on the danish Isles.
Among the animals the amphibians Bufo viridis, Bombina bombina and Rana dalmatina all demands a warm summer to get a succesfull breeding season.
Among the plants there are many examples, and good places to search for these are on slopes along the coasts f.x. several places on the coasts of Isefjord.
The large Isefjord lies in Northern Seeland. The landscape is impressive and on many of the slopes can be found an interesting flora.
The river valley of Ejby north of the city Roskilde near the coast of the Isefjord is a nature reserve with many rare plants and worth a visit.

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