The flora in the salt marshes on Bornholm 
Primula farinosa
The salt marshes on Bornholm are natural low-growing due to the bedrock lying near the surface of the ground.

Primula farinosa in the left picture grows in large populations many places on Bornholm along the coast. It is nearly extinct in the rest of Denmark, where it can be found in a few places on Seeland.

Other interesting species in the salt marshes on Bornholm are Tetragonolobus maritimus, Samolus valerandi and Cladium mariscus.

Isatis tinctoria (right picture) can be found many places along the coasts of the eastern parts of The Baltic Sea. In Denmark it is only indigenous on Bornholm. Occasionally the species can be found elsewhere in Denmark introduced
by man as the plant in earlier times was used for colouring clothes - a practice that is somewhat modern again.

Othre species of plants on the coasts of Bornholm and not seen elsewhere in Denmark are Scutellaria hastifolia, Rumex bryhnii and Allium schoenoprasum - a species wich here is not introduced.

Isatis tinctoria


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