The forests on limestone in Middle Seeland 
In several places in Mid-Seeland large plates of limestone are lying in the surface of the soil. The plates have been eroded from the limestone rock in the bottom of the Baltic Sea by the big glaciers during the last Ice Age and moved by the glaciers. The forest Allindelille Fredskov is just north of the city Ringsted is situated on such a plate of limestone and has a very interesting flora.
The picture shows one of several clearings in Alindelille Fredskov. For many years ago the forest was used for grazing and the clearings were kept open by the grazing animals. When grazing stopped, trees and bushes slowly invaded the clearings and the interesting flora in them was threathened. To day the clearings is managed by hay-moving to keep them free of shading bushy vegegation.
The forest is protected as a nature reserve and it is forbidden to pick flowers in it.


The glades in the protected forest Allindelille Fredskov were grazed for years ago.

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