The fjords and coasts of South Eastern Jutland 
A great part of the coasts in Eastern Jutland is covered with forest. The coast is often with slopes which has done agriculture difficult and many of the coast are protected too.

The picture shows the protected coast with the forest of Stagsrode in the Vejle Fjord. One can see in the picture that the ground is sliding in to the sea leaving the trees on the beach. This is due to the special plastic clay in the ground which can slide when getting wet. The clay was deposited in a shallow sea in the Eocaen period in the Tertiaery and one can get lucky to find different kinds of fossils on the beasch eg. shark teeth. The clay is plastic many places along the coasts of South Eastern Jutland up to Djursland.

In the humid and warm south eastern forests along the coasts of Jutland some plants from the south shows up.

Stagsrode forest

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