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Name: Bent Vestergaard Petersen.

Address: Slarisdal 14A, DK-8700 Horsens, Denmark.

Born: 26. of june 1953 in Horsens.

Student of Computer Science at University of Aarhus 1987-88.
Graduate in Biological Science from University of Aarhus 1982.
Undergraduate from Horsens Highschool 1973.

Academical work for The Muncipality of Kolding 2007-
Academical work for The County of Vejle 2003-2006
Biological consultant at NATURPLAN 1992-2002
Biological consultant at BIOMEDIA 1995-97
Master in biology at Samsoe Highschool 1994-95.
Botanical registration for The County of Vejle 1994.
Academical work for The County of Aarhus 1992-93.
Master in biology at Herning Gymnasium (Highschool) 1989-91.
Teacher in biology at Baaring Folk High School 1987.
P.R. for The Museum of Natural History in Aarhus 1986-87.
Registration of ponds and lakes around Hammel 1984.

Course in advanced Access97.
Student at Askov Folk High School 1988-89.
Course in public relation 1985.
Course in mycology at Danish Mycological Society
Commitee member of Danish Botanical Society in Jutland 1995-2004.
Coordinator for Atlas Flora Danica in the counties of Vejle and Aarhus 1991-1998.
Commitee member of the Biological Soiciety of Eastern Jutland 1982-2010.
Registration of heaths and grassland for Danish Botanical Society 1985-89.
Registration of reptiles and amphibians for the association "Nature and Youth" 1983-85.
Arrangemants of excursions and lectures for different associations etc.

Publications (not complete, title translated but all text in danish):
"Nature quality in the river valley of Østerå". Report for the County of Northern Jutland. 1996.
"Heaths and Grassland in Denmark". Report for the Danish Botanical Society. 1996.
"Consequences for the flora and fauna along a new track at the Frederikssund railway". Report for DSB. 1995.
"The Vegetation of Norrestrand". Report for the County of Vejle. 1994.
"Heaths and Grassland in Denmark". Article in URT 1994-4, p.105-113.
"Orchids around Horsens". Article in GEJRFUGLEN 1994-4, p. 121-174.
"Nature Restoration at Sondrup-Uldrup". Report for the County of Aarhus 1993.
"Northern Marsh-orchid (Dactylorhiza purpurella ssp. purpurella) as new near Horsens". Article in GEJRFUGLEN 1990-4, p.136-140.
"Registration of the flora around Horsens". Article in GEJRFUGLEN 1988-4, p.124-127.
"Long-time observation of a population of Early-purple Orchid (Orchis mascula) in a permanent test-field." Article in GEJRFUGLEN 1988-1, p.4-17.
"Ponds and Lakes around Hammel". Report for the Society of Nature Conservation in Denmark. 1985.
"Vegetation Ecology in a Helo-rheokrene Spring-area". Thesis, Botanical Institute, University of Aarhus. 1982.

Complete list of publications and articles

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